Are you willing to do something you’ve never done?

Thomas Jefferson

I come across so many people that are unhappy in their current job.

Age and stage often isn’t a factor – some young people feel that they have been guided down a career path by parents or teachers and they feel frustrated when they discover the reality of the daily grind of corporate life. Others more advanced in their years might feel cheated that their talents have been overlooked because they didn’t play the corporate politics in a way that would have allowed them to climb the ladder in the way that they expected. Some wish they had made different life choices along the way and now feel stuck in a dead end job – trapped by the trimmings of paid vacation and health plans – while life passes them by and the clock ticks incessantly towards a bleak future.

The solution is to break the cycle – “if you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done” (Thomas Jefferson) is as true now as it was then – are you willing?