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It seems like everyone wants to be an entrepreneur these days! It’s no longer cool enough to simply say “I’m self employed” – they feel they have to say “I’m an Entrepreneur” in order to carry any weight.

The problem with the majority of “entrepreneurs” that I come across however, is that many of them are not very entrepreneurial …….. sure, they may have had an idea for a business – anyone can have an idea for a business – give me a supply of coffee and chocolate and I transform into an idea generating machine!!!! The key question is can you execute on your idea? In the past, an entrepreneur was someone that figured out HOW to make money from their idea and then went off and actually did it – in making said money and building said business from said idea, people would then refer to them as an entrepreneur – NOTE – OTHER people would refer to them as an entrepreneur – this was NOT a self bestowed title!

These days, people introduce themselves to me as an entrepreneur but they have not (yet) made a single penny / dime / cent / peso off their business idea. They might have raised a ton of cash from friends and family – maybe even from an angel investor or VC – but in my book, that STILL doesn’t make them an “entrepreneur” – a hustler maybe – but not an entrepreneur ……….

Gary Vaynerchuk has a message for all you self proclaimed entrepreneurs out there

Earning it.

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