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dAd definition
dAd definition

Soooooo – you’re a startup are you?

The sad fact is that the majority of startups don’t make it past their third year – the primary reason for this according to analyst firm CB Insights is “no market need” – yes, you read that right – nobody is interested in your damn fool idea!!! Well, they’re not interested in PAYING for your product proposition – which is essentially the same darn thing in my book!

BUT – this doesn’t seem to curb the enthusiasm of potential investors looking to gamble their cash on the off-chance that yours is the one-in-ten idea that hits the “10x” jackpot and affords them the ability to add another zero to their fund.

THIS in turn has bred a particular type of “entrepreneur” – one that simply moves from startup idea to startup idea, living off capital raised from “friends, family and fools”  without actually ever bringing anything to market!

Don’t be that startup …………

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