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When you are reading all those traveling blogs about digital nomads, in almost all the cases you see people who have the opportunity of having a steady income from their blog while enjoying exotic destinations, taking amazing photographs and reviewing one of a kind hotels. In a way, travelling and enjoying the most amazing things is their job, and a pretty dreamy one, I can say. But, of course, not all digital nomads are travel bloggers. There is the category of explorers who have another kind of job that allows them to work remotely, for example software developers, like me. And the travel experiences for this category of digital nomads are a little different, as they need to combine them with the work of a non-travel-related job.

When me and Victor first started to travel while working remotely, we didn’t had a clue on how we should organise our time, what kind of accommodation should we get or what to do about the transportation. We just planned it like any other trip, following our instincts and thinking that the work will probably not interfere that much. Well, that first trip showed us fair and square that we had no experience with this because we did more work than travel, and this was because of just a few trip organising mistakes. Fortunately, with every further trip that we took, we kept learning what is best to do and so, we put together a few tips that we think might help others that are doing this for the first time. Take into consideration that these pieces of advice target the ones who need to work remotely full time, with slightly flexible working hours.

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Source: Tips for digital nomads to handle their remote work while travelling — Remote & Travel